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Chaos at the Texas U.S. Border

Border Patrol on horseback leading migrants

We all were saddened at the sight of U. S. border agents on horseback using their reins as whips to drive desperate Haitian refugees back into the Rio Grande River.   Maybe your great grandparent came from Ireland to escape a famine, or from Germany to get away from Prussian militarism, or England, or anywhere to find a free and more rewarding life in the United States.  We are a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, but I’ll bet our ancestors found these shores more welcoming.   Now, I believe every nation has the right to control its borders and determine who can be admitted and allowed to stay, but the whole admission and asylum review process of the United States needs to be rethought.  Walls—whether the Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall—will not prevent determined and desperate people from seeking to better themselves.  And immigrants have proven themselves to be important contributors to the American economy—from basic labor to founding new technology companies.

(Image taken from Texas Tribune Article: Border patrol agents criticized for treatment of Haitian Migrants in Del Rio as U.S. tries to dissuade more from coming)

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